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My Little Sterelis Page 37

My Little Sterelis chap 2 pg 37 by JaDeDJynX


Who/What are Sterelis?
They are a guild of thieves who originated in the desert of Daro. There are multiple bases across the country, but their main headquarters are located in Daro.


Where did you come up with the idea for the Sterelis Thieves?

This is a funny story, but The idea for the Sterelis Thieves was taken from Spyro the Dragon. If you have played the game, you'd know that there are these little blue thieves that would steal eggs from the dragon. Lene was the first thief created and originally was heavily based on the design. We wanted some originality however and so her designed was altered, but you can still see the resemblance.
Then Jade was made, then Dan, than Clarice etc etc etc...


Were these characters just created
….AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!NO! These characters has been around since 2005! And their story has grown ever since!


Are all of these characters yours?

No. I only claim jade and Cynthia as my own. Lene is a character created by Cocho. Daniel was created by Darkeiya and Clarice was created by PowerOptix


What do their real forms look like?…


Why is everyone, except for Jade, anthros?

because the world that they are from consists of both humanoid and anthro beings. The continent where the majority of the story takes place is Anthro Dominant, so it's normal to find lots of anthros around.


Why did you make Jade a human?

Because I wanted to?


What are the races of the main 5 thieves?

Lene is a Kangaroo Rat

Jade is a Human

Daniel is a grey Squirrel

Clarice (who is yet o be shown) is a black cat

Cynthia is a Jack Rabbit


What's the relationship between Cynthia and Lene?

Lene, along with Jade, are Cynthia's babysitters.


Why did you make Daniel into a unicorn in your comic?

Daniel is a cryomancer (in training) in real life. An ice mage. So it makes sense to make him into a unicorn :3


Sounds like these characters have a lot of backstory to them. How did they all meet/where can I learn more?

Yes, there is A LOT of backstory to them. Sadly, not a lot of it is written down. I am currently working on a story of how Jade met both Lene and Dan, but one one chapter is out. I will have that fixed shortly. You can find the story here:…

Thank you for your time, comments and favs.


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3 Months away from Bronycon! Has your luck about going to the con changed? If so, will you be attending the panel that I will be a part of? 

110 deviants said my luck has not changed, I will try for next year. I wish I could attend.
24 deviants said YES! I am going to Bronycon, and I am definitely attending your panel

DON'T Ask Lene. Ask Jade

DON'T Ask Lene, Ask Jade #1 by JaDeDJynX


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